Our God-Given Mission

Child Evangelism Fellowship® (CEF®) of North Carolina in Durham has a simple, but profound threefold purpose: evangelism, discipleship, and connecting local churches to unchurched children and families across our area. For 25 years, Child Evangelism Fellowship has reached city kids in the surrounding area. Through our Good News Clubs, sports camps, and collaborative events with dozens of ministry partners, we’ve been able to share the gospel with children of all ages. Thousands have accepted Christ as their Savior and their lives have been changed.

Discover Our Story
During 2017-2018, CEF Durham conducted 122 weekly clubs, camps, and special events in the Durham – Orange – Alamance county area. 550 made decisions to follow Christ. Some adults/parents are in discipleship classes and others are surrendering their lives to Christ in local jails. The inaugural year of the Share the Good News campaign (2017) exceeded all goals. We are seeking dedicated new staff, innovative programs, and new camp sponsors to reach over 10,000 city kids each year.

CEF Durham has an annual goal of reaching over 10,000 children, youth and their families with Gospel centered activities within their communities. Specifically, 2019-2020 will be years of increase --- building capacity in these 3 areas of ministry:

1) 10% increase in Good News Clubs

2) Volunteers increased to 500

3) Double the impact of character education and sports-related ministries in every neighborhood and school where CEF Durham serves.

Events, Workshops & More

We are always hosting events in order to bring the community together, please be sure to come out and enjoy the fun.

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