Becoming a CEF Volunteer is much more than volunteering your time during the week. It’s about sharing the gospel with city children and their families, and exemplifying the love God shows us in our actions and words.

There are always opportunities for those who wish to serve, in the
office or out with the kids! If you are interested in talking about how
your skills may fit into existing ministry opportunities, or if you
would just like to observe at a ministry session, please contact us.
Here are some of the activities in the Good News Clubs, to give you an
idea about what the helpers and teachers do:

-Prepare and administer name tags for the kids
-Lead an “ice-breaker” activity or game
-Help keep kids’ attention focused on the current activity
-Lead a song or verse teaching
-Main teaching
-Lead a review game
-Be a prayer warrior, within the Club or at home

These are just a few of the roles of helpers and volunteers. Join in and
see what best fits your interests and gifts.

Interested in becoming a CEF Volunteer? Click the button below to get started.