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Indicators of answered prayer
When parents teach their community Good News Club when staff is away.
"When city kids cry if there is no Bible lesson presented due to time."
"When club members and families become your friends and allies."
When kids keep attending club after moving out of the community."
"When visitors are impressed that CEF workers know the names of the kids."


Sign up to adopt your street in prayer above and see the current needs of city kids and other requests from CEF around the world, nation, state, and Durham.

Events News

John Blake shares his Heart for City Kids, offers urban ministry ideas, and relevant insights to collaborating with local and national ministries for transformation of the city block by block.

City Kids - World Changers
Values-centered character education
Currently being conducted at local public and private schools, communities, and summer camps for kids 11-14 yrs.old.

Basketball Camps and Clinics
for boys and girls 7-14 yrs of age with an emphasis on skills and team play will be scheduled during 2015 at clubs, sports/rec centers, and city courts in Durham.  
$100 will sponsor a city kid in honor of Coach Larry Parrish and his son Andy.
Sponsoring city kids for sports camps

Tennis Academy for city kids

Held Tu & Th on select city courts in partnership with Durham Parks & Recreation and the USTA. Tennis academies are held every season throughout 2015.


From the Community
You guys are doing an amazing job in Durham. I never believed churches and ministries could come together like this... totally for you; I salute you. Local Pastor

"Thank you for your excellent ministry to children in Durham. We honor you... We're praying for you. God bless you." From a CEF Supporter

From Around the World

"I just wanted to say that Im so glad that God used you guys to write the song "God loves me" (7MIT).  Im studying abroad in Thailand...
I just had the opportunity to teach that song to about 20 Buddhist kids..." Melissa  Scheffler



Here are links for children/youth workers, urban ministry resources, and application/forms necessary for working with CEF Ministries of North Carolina.  The files below are in pdf format and otherwise as indicated.  You will need a program like Foxit Reader to view pdf files, or Acrobat Reader if you want a more bloated and error-prone program. Some Microsoft Word (.doc format) and PowerPoint (.ppt) files are also provided. You can right-click a link and choose "Save Link As..." (or similar) to download to your computer. See music and curriculum links at bottom like the 7MIT Song (right).

All resources are free downloads except where indicated. 

The 10 Challenge Campaign

     Capacity Building Case Document
Proof of Case document for public review

Transformational Giving 

  Financial Development Resources



Adopt-A-School Outreach/Clubs
   Ten Steps to Launching a Good News Club
   Team Member Job Descriptions
   JYC Parent Permission Form (Spanish and English)
   Good News Club Parent Permission Form (Spanish and English)

Forms for New Volunteers and New Staff - English
   Volunteer Forms, Statement of Faith, Protecting Today's Child

Forms for New Volunteers and New Staff - Spanish
   Statement of Faith
   Statement of Faith, page 2
   Protecting Today's Child

Student Ministries

CEF Summer Missions
    Christian Youth in Action (CYIA) training application
   Application Information & Forms Packet (CYIA_app_complete_pack.pdf, 750 kb)

Teacher Resources

Literature from CEF Press
Evangelistic and discipleship tools, lessons, materials, and various resources for teaching children and pre-teens are available from CEF Press at its online store (link below at CEF Press logo)and can be ordered through the Durham office: Mon. thru Fri. 10 AM - 3:30 PM (please call for an appointment 919.399.1979) or anytime on our web-based contact page.

Good News Clubs
ideas, schedule, format, and tools for
a successful weekly outreach to kids 4-11
GAMES.doc (74 KB)
  GodCanInstructions.doc (26 KB)
  GoodNewsClubSchedule.doc (29 KB)
  MyPrayerRequest.doc (23 KB)
  PrayerRequestForm.doc (24 KB)
  ProceduresForGNCPersonnel.doc (115 KB)
  QuietSeatWatcher.pdf (35 KB)
  RULES.doc (22 KB)
  StepsInTeachingTheBibleVerse.doc (23 KB)
  SuggestedGuidelines.doc (106 KB)

Wonder Book and Devotional series
Wonder Book Instructor Notes
Wonder Book Student Notes

Teacher scripts to lead Wonder Time 
each week at your Good News Club

   60 Day Wonder Devotional- Book #1
   60 Day Wonder Devotional- Book #2
   60 Day Wonder Devotional- Book #3
   60 Day Wonder Devotional- Book #4
   60-day Wonder Devotional- Book #7
   60-day Wonder Devotional- Book #8
   60-day Wonder Devotional- Book #9
   60-day Wonder Devotional- Book #10

   60-day Wonder Devotional- Book #13
   60-day Wonder Devotional- Book #14
   60-day Wonder Devotional- Book #15

HiSStory Booklet and teacher's guide
Provides a thorough narrative of the Message of Salvation throughout God's story of redemption in history - His Story!  There are six brief chapters written on a kid's reading level with extras including the 7 Most Important Things in the World and discussion starting art work. The teacher's guide is a suggested format for using HiSStory in a classroom setting with children 4-14 years of age.


More Than Gold Sportsreach
    Sample playbook available for download


City Kids published articles by John Blake now continued at wordpress.com:
   Bus Ride Gone Bad                                          The Last Time
   Does It Matter 7MIT Story                             Value the City
   Examples to Follow                                           When City Kids Don't Get It
   Extra Good News - urban Bible club              All I Can Do is Pray
   Get Your Game On                                            Church - demo for city kids the love of God
   How Do I Teach Them 1                                  Faith - allows city kids to see God
   How Do I Teach Them 2                                  Follow the Leader
   Kids Who Pray                                                 Heart - enables city kids to seek God
   Nowhere to Go                                                  I'm Bored
   Present the Gospel                                           
The Gospel - multiple results
   Prove Your Love                                               Truth - inspires city kids to live for God
   Real Questions...Real Answers                      Whatever happened to that kid

The Story of Jesus for Children  
...the true story of the life of Jesus seen through the eyes of children for viewing free online at The Jesus Film Project

Urban Ministry Resources

All downloads are FREE, but consider giving a donation to the Urban Student Scholarship Fund aka Rebecca Sims Memorial Fund.  See donation button below... both funds support students, staff interns, and summer missions in urban areas of our city and USA.

Featured resources for contemporary discipleship and devotion


These are books from local authors and schools making a radical impact across America and the world. See other resources for urban missions and teaching children/youth at our free downloads page.

 Urban Boot Camps during 2015...
Community-based urban missions training will be offered January, March, and July at established sites where sustainable outreach and community development exist.  See pictures and read stories on the student ministries page.  Urban boot camps are packed with a progressive classroom approach to learning urban ministry and direct outreach experiences within under resourced communities. The balance of theory, preparation, and community engagement allows students freedom in developing a ministry plan including gospel-centered activities, service projects with city kids, and urban night life.  All this within 3 days to a full week helps students develop God's heart for the city.  Classes, rooming, and meals are offered in a secure urban location. Current site: First Baptist Church Durham (seen above). Information: UrbanBootCamp2.pdf     Application due May 1st: AppUrbanbootcamp.pdf

7 Most Important Things in the World
(7MIT) is a catechism of sorts to indoctrinate kids in the Message of Salvation as well as incorporating a song for quick memory, singing to others as a witness, and fun.

Song Visuals:
   7MIT Visualized Song - English 
   (original version)
   7MIT Visualized Song - English 
   (updated version 2008)
   7MIT Visualized Song - English
   (newest version at CEF Press for purchase)

   7MIT Visualized Song - French

   7MIT Visualized Song - Spanish
  Updated versio
n on-demand

7MIT Accessories:
   7MIT Cards, 390 KB
   7MIT Song Sheet Music, 540 KB
   7MIT Bookmark, 4.5 MB  

Lyrics by John E. Blake - Musical arrangement by Sean Blake
Search iTunes via Children's Music/Child Evangelism Fellowship/7 MIT song
When you download the 7MIT please contribute to the Urban Student Scholarship Fund (see donate button).

D.I.S. Clubs were developed out of a great need. Urban missionaries had to find a way to more effectively communicate with city, multi-ethnic, and GenX kids. Even though city kids were the target -- the results have benefited all kids. D.I.S. Clubs are  extremely fun for the kids and teachers.  There is increased freedom for teachers to meet multiple needs of the kids who attend. These clubs do not force a prescribed teaching method, but incorporate a variety for appropriate use when teaching adjustments need to be made. Many other urban resources that grew out of D.I. S. Clubs can be found in the City Kids Ministry Tool Kits below.

   DIS_CLUB.ppt (Note: 12.3 MB - BIG file! Microsoft PowerPoint format.)
   DISclubsIN.pdf DIS Club Instructor Notes (770 KB pdf file)
   DISclubsSN.pdf DIS Club Student Notes (780 KB pdf file)

5-Day Club Invitations
   Club_Invitations.doc - Microsoft Word format, 860 KB.

City Kids Tool Kit #1 
This download is a compressed folder, 816 KB. Included files are pdf format. Use native tools in Windows XP or from
www.winzip.com for extracting the files: 
  CityKidsMinistryToolkit-1.zip and 
  Wordup_Rules_Club_Visuals.pdf  18 KB 
     for Jesus My Savior and Friend series

City Kids Tool Kit #2 
This kit describes effective and sustainable spiritual transformation of city kids. CityKidsMinistryToolkit-2.pdf-300 KB

City Kids Tool Kit #3
Here are descriptions of group games for club and outreach settings that generate energy and excitement. GAMES.pdf -21 KB
GAMES_descriptions.pdf-115 KB

Enough is Enough: Kids are in Pain

  Urban Ministry Models 99 KB
  Student Notes 127 KB
  Instructor Notes 152 KB
  Kids in Pain - ppt (Microsoft PowerPoint, 12 MB)

Developing a Heart for the City

   Developing a Heart for the City - Students Complete Notes 102 KB
   Developing a Heart for the City - LEADER NOTES 109 KB
   Developing a Heart for the City - PARTICIPANT NOTES 85 KB
   Unity Pledge Cards 310 KB
   Unity Pledge Cards - ppt (Microsoft PowerPoint, 610 KB)
   Developing a Heart for the City 2 - ppt (Microsoft PowerPoint, >22 MB)

Christian Hip Hop

A CD entitled "What A Friend" is now available, with contemporary music that proclaims the gospel, to reach kids for Christ in modern urban settings. Produced in 2007 by Child Evangelism Fellowship in cooperation with Hp 4 Digital Works and Solutions. Available from CEF Press, and also from Durham Area Chapter. Some of the artists involved in this project include Chris Martin, K.J., Tico Hudson, Platinum Souls, and Hansoul. Here are the tracks on the CD, with links to four snippets of the songs (in mp3 format) so that you can sample the music:

1. What a Friend!                                                 8. Ride Wit' Us
2. Pep Rally                                                           9. Just Bounce
3. Jesus Is off the Heezy fo' Sheezy                 10. It's Your Birthday
4. Everybody Dancing                                       11. The Art of Holy Hip Hop
5. Everyone Dancin' (Remix)                             12. Spiritual Shedding
6. Undeniable                                                      13. Father Forgive Them
7. KJ's Clap

CEF Durham Area Chapter
P.O. Box 1288, 801 Gilbert St., Suite 207, Durham NC 27702
Phone: (919) 399-1979  Email: cefcenteroflight[@]gospeltokids.org

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