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Indicators of answered prayer
When parents teach their community Good News Club when staff is away.
"When city kids cry if there is no Bible lesson presented due to time."
"When club members and families become your friends and allies."
When kids keep attending club after moving out of the community."
"When visitors are impressed that CEF workers know the names of the kids."


Sign up to adopt your street in prayer above and see the current needs of city kids and other requests from CEF around the world, nation, state, and Durham.

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John Blake shares his Heart for City Kids, offers urban ministry ideas, and relevant insights to collaborating with local and national ministries for transformation of the city block by block.

City Kids - World Changers
Values-centered character education
Currently being conducted at local public and private schools, communities, and summer camps for kids 11-14 yrs.old.

Basketball Camps and Clinics
for boys and girls 7-14 yrs of age with an emphasis on skills and team play will be scheduled during 2015 at clubs, sports/rec centers, and city courts in Durham.  
$100 will sponsor a city kid in honor of Coach Larry Parrish and his son Andy.
Sponsoring city kids for sports camps

Tennis Academy for city kids

Held Tu & Th on select city courts in partnership with Durham Parks & Recreation and the USTA. Tennis academies are held every season throughout 2015.


From the Community
You guys are doing an amazing job in Durham. I never believed churches and ministries could come together like this... totally for you; I salute you. Local Pastor

"Thank you for your excellent ministry to children in Durham. We honor you... We're praying for you. God bless you." From a CEF Supporter

From Around the World

"I just wanted to say that Im so glad that God used you guys to write the song "God loves me" (7MIT).  Im studying abroad in Thailand...
I just had the opportunity to teach that song to about 20 Buddhist kids..." Melissa  Scheffler


 Ministry to City Kids
The DURHAM AREA CHAPTER covers eight counties - Alamance, Caswell, Chatham, Durham, Granville, Orange, Person, and Vance. We havesignificant ministry in Alamance, Durham and Orange counties, and have developedpartnerships with churches in the other five counties.  Key ministry isconducted through GoodNews Clubs, fun-filled sessions where the Gospel is clearly presentedthrough stories, verses, songs, and games. Good News Clubs are scheduled as weekly events at a given location. In the summer, we typicallyconduct daily Bible clubs over a period of five days at multiple locations, andthese are called 5-Day Clubs

Good News Club ministry teaches the Bible with words and deeds Teachers make biblical applications with their own lives

  When you look at the busyness of your own life and the limited amount of time you have to give away, perhaps it's not surprising so many say, "What the heck" and then do nothing. There are however, some who look through a different lens and say with compassion, "I've got to do something."  

Fortunately, these are the people serving in local Good News Clubs around the Durham area. These are godly people filling a need in kids lives who attend CEF clubs in schools, communities, and after school programs. These are Christ-followers whose focus is obeying the royal law—putting others needs above themselves.

   Certainly, we all agree that kids today have deep needs of love, health, acceptance, and academic achievement. Many times families, schools, and communities find it very difficult to successfully meet these complex needs. Good News Clubs operating in resourced-challenged communities and local schools enhance kids’ ability to be successful by providing hope and real-life examples from the Bible and from their teachers. Good News Club teachers are among the 291 CEF volunteers who assist kids with homework, sports, friendships and living for Christ, not just believing in Him. There are no pay checks or service awards for what they do each week. They visit and pray with kids in the hospital. They provide food and clothing when needed, even if paid out-of-pocket. They always teach and live a gospel bigger than any problem.

Community-based and Adopt-a-school Clubs

Currently,Alamance and Orange Counties have public school-based clubs meeting weekly.  Adopt-a-school church teams are facilitating this ministry through CEF.  Private and Christian schoolsin Durham have a active school-based Good News Cluband JYC ministry,which is sponsored by CEF Durham. Bible clubs, tutoring, community projects, sports activities, health & nutrition, and other types of activities round out the diversity of 100+ club activities, which annually meet in the Durham area.  The majority of these locations are in the inner city, but some are meeting in the suburbs as others meet in church-based after school programs. Over 2,500 kids are taughtweekly from the Bible, the 7 Most Important Things in the World, gospel missions, personal responsibility, and how to apply all this to their own lives. Led by CEF-trained volunteers, kids 5-14 years of age meet weekly throughout the school year.

What if for 10 years? 
BlessDurham Urban Net working toward answers

Is God powerful enough to prevent kids from joining gangs?  Does the Word of God still have answers for today's problems?  What if the Church of Durham took seriously its responsibility for taking the Gospel to city kids and youth?  What if for 10 years a collaboration of churches and ministries comprehensively served the 10 most physically and spiritually needy communities in Durham?  These are the communities where crime and evil have dominated life for way too long; where kids are not expected to succeed.  These are the communities where the words: at-risk, under-resourced, and marginalized are experienced everyday in the lives of kids and families.  These are the communities where God has been rejected, yet screams out to be glorified! 

CEF along with several partnering ministries, a few churches, and a growing number of local Christians are focusing there efforts for 10 years upon 10-12 under resourced communities in Durham.  This collaborative group, while maintaining the identity of each ministry, calls itself the Durham Urban Network.  A simple strategy of discipleship will be used.  CEF will offer weekly Good News Clubs, educational resources, church partnership training, and special events for each community.  Others will provide after school tutoring, creative arts, community service, development, and prayer.  Our vision is to see city kids and families transformed by the Gospel.  As disciples of Christ, they will take responsibility for the transformation of their own communities.  For this purpose, CEF disciples teens and challenges young adults to stretch their lives beyond the pursuit of happiness.  It believes in building trusting relationships with families who live within these communities; collaborates with other churches and ministries; and is willing to work in these communities beyond the next 10 years so that every community is fully resourced with the presence and blessing of God.  People will no longer perish from the lack of access and power to live a life of dignity and biblical godliness.

CEF Durham Area Chapter
P.O. Box 1288, 801 Gilbert St., Suite 207, Durham NC 27702
Phone: (919) 399-1979  Email: cefcenteroflight[@]gospeltokids.org

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