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Indicators of answered prayer
When parents teach their community Good News Club when staff is away.
"When city kids cry if there is no Bible lesson presented due to time."
"When club members and families become your friends and allies."
When kids keep attending club after moving out of the community."
"When visitors are impressed that CEF workers know the names of the kids."


Sign up to adopt your street in prayer above and see the current needs of city kids and other requests from CEF around the world, nation, state, and Durham.

Events News

John Blake shares his Heart for City Kids, offers urban ministry ideas, and relevant insights to collaborating with local and national ministries for transformation of the city block by block.

City Kids - World Changers
Values-centered character education
Currently being conducted at local public and private schools, communities, and summer camps for kids 11-14 yrs.old.

Basketball Camps and Clinics
for boys and girls 7-14 yrs of age with an emphasis on skills and team play will be scheduled during 2015 at clubs, sports/rec centers, and city courts in Durham.  
$100 will sponsor a city kid in honor of Coach Larry Parrish and his son Andy.
Sponsoring city kids for sports camps

Tennis Academy for city kids

Held Tu & Th on select city courts in partnership with Durham Parks & Recreation and the USTA. Tennis academies are held every season throughout 2015.


From the Community
You guys are doing an amazing job in Durham. I never believed churches and ministries could come together like this... totally for you; I salute you. Local Pastor

"Thank you for your excellent ministry to children in Durham. We honor you... We're praying for you. God bless you." From a CEF Supporter

From Around the World

"I just wanted to say that Im so glad that God used you guys to write the song "God loves me" (7MIT).  Im studying abroad in Thailand...
I just had the opportunity to teach that song to about 20 Buddhist kids..." Melissa  Scheffler


 We welcome volunteers!

Many happy volunteers assist CEF in the work of the Lord to reach children with the Gospel of Christ. There are prayer warriors, office assistants, Good News Club workers, and many others. There are these and other opportunities waiting for your special touch.

There are procedures and requirements to meet for those working with children. For example, you must download and complete some paperwork, such as application and background check, and sign the CEF Statement of Faith and Doctrinal Protection Policy. 

For those not working directly with children, there is less paperwork. In any case, your help is both desired and needed. Please contact us to discuss how God would use you in furthering His work to reach kids for Christ! 

Volunteer Opportunities with CEF Durham
This is scheduled for envelope stuffing and mailing parties at the John O'Daniel Exchange Building - 801 Gilbert St. - Durham - 12-2 PM.  In addition, Child Evangelism Fellowship looks to provide involvement opportunities for volunteers with diverse talents, interests, and experience. Below are some descriptions of volunteer roles available at CEF Durham. 

(1) Ministry Supplier
CEF welcomes donations of all kinds; descriptions below are only guidelines to express the types of supplies needs present. 
• Snacks in bulk - Skittles, Starburst and other candy in individually wrapped packages (not chocolate for summer-time, as it melts in the heat), individual chips and cookies bags, and Capri Sun (or other individual bag or box) juice drinks 
• Prizes- Small take-home toys and prizes for both boys and girls ages 4-14 
• Materials- Crafts supplies including glue sticks, scissors, and construction paper to be used by kids
• Equipment – Outdoor games supplies including balls, jump ropes, and hula hoops 

(2) Club helpers
Helpers assist in basic management and supervision of club site and activities. Assist teachers or leaders with games, snacks, seating during teaching, maintaining order. 

(3) Club teachers
Teachers present memory verses and bible lessons to the children during the club. Help with other activities as needed. 

(4) Club team leaders
Leaders organize team meetings, plan club activities, and delegate volunteer roles for team members. Volunteer opportunities in clubs during the short term include the following dates: Opportunities continue throughout the year in across numerous Durham communities. 

(5) Administrative Assistant
Assistant helps with a variety of tasks in the CEF office, including record keeping of database, communication to 5 Day Club teams, handling of permission slips, creation of announcements and flyers, and inventory of supplies. 

(6) Cassie’s Garden Facilitators
Facilitators aid with a number of extracurricular activities, including fishing, gardening, reading, horseback riding, camping arts, special discipleship activities, and music. Volunteer facilitators with Cassie’s Garden can contribute in the following ways: 

• Use their unique knowledge in the above areas to help teach the gospel to kids 
• Provide transportation to and from events 
• Coordinate with CEF to bring the above activities to Durham communities 

(7) Sports Camp Coach/Staff
Director uses organizational skills to manage personnel, schedules, and supplies for upcoming sports events. Coaches oversee camp activities and instruct and encourage campers as they develop their athletic skills. Staff follow the lead of directors and coaches to sun the various camps and clinics.

(8) Sports Camp Supplier
Suppliers handle logistical preparation of supplies at sports camps through the summer. Possible tasks including assembling lists of needed supplies, communicating with churches and other groups for supplies funding, purchasing, storing, and distributing supplies (may include T-shirts, basketballs, soccer balls, or goals) to sports camps, and maintaining contact with sports camp leaders regarding ongoing short-term needs. 

(9) Prayer leader, intercessor, or organizer
CEF has both short-term and long term needs for prayer. We welcome individuals interested in praying for long term needs and mission goals as well as those interested in praying for a specific event or activity. Volunteers in prayer can also pray actively in the community through prayer walks, visitations, and group prayer meetings. 

(10) Office Assistance
CEF welcomes volunteer help with a number of regular ongoing tasks, including handling some phone and email communications, preparing printed materials for distribution, and other typical office-related tasks.

Volunteers invest into the kingdom 
time, heart, talents, and passion
Some say you can only be sure of two things, death and taxes. Wait one minute, I know of at least three more. Like the love of my wife or better, the love and forgiveness of my Lord Jesus Christ. You can also be sure of several other things when you think of CEF Ministries in Durham. For several years its 300 or so volunteers have been giving of their time, finances, and talents. They give all year enabling its work of reaching boys and girls with the Gospel to flourish. A group of Christian women, mainly widows, have met monthly to handle the CEF mail. Usually around a big table this faithful bunch sings, tells stories, laughs, eats, and quotes Bible verses while stuffing dozens, even hundreds of envelopes. Other volunteers use their energy, talent, and passion to directly impact children and youth on city courts, backyards, and after school programs. Coaches, musicians, teachers, and people who love kids are needed for this operation to function efficiently. Every volunteer is a blessing to the CEF staff and more importantly to city kids being touched year-round.

CEF Durham Area Chapter
P.O. Box 1288, 801 Gilbert St., Suite 207, Durham NC 27702
Phone: (919) 399-1979  Email: cefcenteroflight[@]gospeltokids.org

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Copyright 2004 Child Evangelism Fellowship, Inc. of North Carolina

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