For over 23 years, Child Evangelism Fellowship has reached city kids in the surrounding areas. Through our Good News Clubs, sports camps, and partnered events, we’ve been able to share the gospel with children of all ages. Thousands have accepted Ch... read more

We have started preparing for the 2017 Light Up Your World programs. Light Up Your World is an auxiliary ministry of CEF Durham. Last year, students were able to participate in two days of learning about their power to choose and change their world, the... read more

This year’s fall tennis camps began after the US Open in New York. Basic instruction and lots of fun team play dominated this fall tennis Academy, where kids learned basic skills of the sport. This particular fall tennis camp ran for 10 weeks. 10 m... read more

We are so blessed to have reached so many children this year through our Good News Club program. Good News Clubs are weekly ministry events, taking children through the Bible during these meetings through various activities and games. This year, we had 8... read more

Birthday Parties for Jesus will be held in 20-24  local communities, dozens more across North Carolina, and hundreds, even thousands, across America this December. Why?  So that children and their families can make room for Jesus this Christmas season i... read more