John Blake shares community-based strategies for biblical transformation of city kids, families, communities, and cities. From current topics, to developing a heart for the city and how to develop sustainable ministry are covered. John also articulates pivotal paradigms of the 10 Keys of the Kingdom, requirements for biblical transformation, and 10 Dynamics of Transforming a Community. The beginnings of a series on how to leverage biblical justice towards Diversity is most recent. Since January 2010, John has been sharing significant aspects of his 30 years of ministry experience. Find John’s blog at John Blake shares his “Heart for City Kids”

John Blake is native to Durham, N.C. and has been married for 45 years. He and his wife, Carolyn, have three children and three grandchildren. The couple currently resides in downtown Durham. John has degrees in Public Health, Community & Health Education, Human Performance & Fitness, and Sports Medicine from East Carolina University, American College of Sports Medicine, and a graduate of the Children’s Ministries Institute®. John has been the local director of the CEF Durham Area chapter for 30 years.