Prayer Connection

” Wait upon the Lord and He will renew your strength… Cast all your cares upon Him and He will lift you up… Draw near to God and He will draw near to you… ” – These Words of God are a present reality to the CEF Durham Area Chapter. Through your faithful prayers, the Lord is making all things good.

Current News

  • COVID-19 Response by multiple faith-based and civic organizations
  • CEF Durham has a initial response using the CEF “Why?” booklets for children enrolled in local Good News Clubs
  • CEF Durham is engaged weekly/monthly in citywide collaborative prayer groups on behalf of the Church at Durham, children and families, as well as for the various sectors of our city.

— Durham Ministers in Prayer
— Transformation/Ekklesia RDU
Pray Durham
— Prayer at Courthouse, County Jail and Detention Center
RDU Prays
National Day of Prayer Task Force
Pray Live

  • CEF volunteers meeting both spiritual and physical needs during the COVID-19 quarantine months this Spring
  • City Kids initiative for effective and sustainable impact in USA cities needs to be fully resourced and scaled during 2020-2025 — CEF Durham will be a resource and education hub for this effort.
  • $100,000 in additional funds needs to be raised for ministry expansion in 2020-2021 in the Durham Area Chapter, which includes sponsoring 500 city kids for camps this summer.

CEF Prayer Requests

  • Open hearts to the Gospel when children and families attend Bible clubs and sports camps this Summer
  • Strengthen our ministry coalition, which is proclaiming and living the Gospel before children and families in 12 target-communities with extreme spiritual needs. That hundreds of city kids will be reached through CEF Good News Clubs in these communities and schools
  • 500 volunteers engage CEF Durham by 2021
  • Good News Clubs will have a 10% growth in schools and communities during 2019-2021
  • 100 donors will give $1,000 each or the equivalent, which includes 500 city kids sponsored at $100/each for summer academic/character/sports camps

God Can: Kids Prayer Requests

While prayer walking in an inner city community where a weekly Good News Club is held:

  • Ryan who has a reading disability – He is a child that came to accept the Lord as his Savior several years ago at Kid’s Club, and is very knowledgeable when questions are asked. His Mother also wants to move out of that community.
  • City Kids in Durham – Pray for me not to get shot (killed)
  • Parents of Mario, Jaz, and Dee Dee – Pray for job opportunity, and protection for their family
  • Adrian – Peace and job opportunity and husband is on dialysis
  • Tammy – Her sister is in the hospital not doing well. Pray that she can get her life together.  Everyone dumps on her, especially her children.  She doesn’t get a break from the kids.