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” Wait upon the Lord and He will renew your strength… Cast all your cares upon Him and He will lift you up… Draw near to God and He will draw near to you… “These Words of God are a present reality to the CEF Durham Area Chapter. Through your faithful prayers, the Lord is making all things good. Words from our CEF Founder, Rev. Jesse Overholtzer and the actions of our chapter today: “Everything By Prayer” — Nothing accomplished is completed nor successful without prayer.

Current News

  • CEF Durham is engaged weekly/monthly in citywide collaborative prayer groups on behalf of the Church at Durham, children and families, as well as for the various sectors of our city.

Pray Durham
Durham Ministers in Prayer: Tuesday at 9:30-10:30am at Dayspring Fellowship / New Path Durham on 9th St.
RDU Prays
Prayer at Courthouse, County Jail and Detention Center
Transformation/Ekklesia RDU
Global 4/14 Day
(Prayer Guide link below 4/14 yearly)
National Day of Prayer Task Force (May/1st Thu/Yearly)
CEF World of the Prayer (November/1st Wed/Yearly)

  • Funds are needed for ministry expansion, staffing, operational and ministry expenses in 2022-2023 for the Durham Area Chapter, which includes sponsoring city kids for camps this summer

God Can: Kids Prayer Requests





Requested by residents and kids while prayer walking in local communities where weekly Good News Clubs is held:

  • Parents of city kids attending clubs – Pray for job opportunities and protection for their families
  • God, I know I ask you a lot but please just send me a sign that my little brother and my papa are okay 
  • I hope the world can get better. I want to go to Heaven. 
  • That God shall help me understand everything he tells me to do. 
  • Dear Lord, can you make Christmas better for me so that I don’t have to be angry, in Jesus Christ name, I pray.


PRAYDURHAM | Ministering to the needs of people

PRAYDURHAM | Justice. Unity. Solidarity. Prayer Walking.

PRAYDURHAM | Praying with Justice System. Courthouse. Judges.

PRAYDURHAM | Blessing and affirming our city officials

PRAYDURHAM | Praying with Durham in Durham’s Marketplaces

PRAYDURHAM | Engaging 7 sectors of our city: 1. Families, 2. Churches, 3. Marketplace, 4. Education, 5. Government, 6. Badges & Military, and 7. Arts & Media

Purpose & Mission

PrayDurham seeks to cover the streets and strategic sectors of our city with prayer through a collaborative of churches, individuals, and intercessory prayer groups. This site is a venue for encouragement, motivation, and a challenge to the Church at Durham to fulfill the Law of Christ, to bless our city with Godly peace and mercy, to pray and serve with our city — not merely for our city. We follow the teaching of Jesus for engaging our city through Prayer Evangelism.

Prayer Evangelism

Prayer Evangelism is the 1st leap towards spiritual transformation of the marketplace, home, city, etc. Based on Luke 10 and Matthew 16 we follow the Words of Jesus for expressing the Kingdom of God in our city through prayer and service. The 10 Keys of the Kingdom guides how we engage the social, educational, and government sectors of Durham. For the favor of God and to effectively engage your city, a  community, or a local school, an intentional Christian witness and  service, based on Jesus’ teaching to his disciples in Luke 10:2-9, is absolute.

Local Prayer Groups & Events

Durham Ministers in Prayer, Durham County Courthouse Prayer, Shielding First Responder Badges, Prayer for Local Schools, Adopt Your Street for Prayer, Prayer at Detention Centers, National Day of Prayer, Global 4/14 Day of Prayer, Triangle Prayer Room, and other local events and weekly praying gathering at [ and ]