CEF Resources for Children during the COVID-19 pandemic

Truth Chasers Club — A free Bible club through the mail like Bible correspondence lessons for your children.  Members will be introduced to the need of Jesus Christ as Savior and be taught biblical truths including how to live a life that pleases God.  NO LONGER OFFERED, but… Contact the CEF Durham office about picking up starter lessons or enrolling children locally.   919-399-1979   It’s still FREE!

Our HisStory PDF paperback booklets are designed to simply, with ethnically-thoughtful art work, tell God’s Story of redemption from creation until Jesus’ ascension into Heaven.  It incorporates the 7 Most Important Things in the World into the narrative and includes the song in the back of the booklet.  These booklets are great for small group activities, sleep-overs, Sunday School classes, and of course Good News Clubs.  The cost is $5/booklet.