For 26 years, Child Evangelism Fellowship in the Durham Area has reached city kids primarily within their neighborhoods, community programs, and sometimes in their schools.  Through our Good News Clubs, sports camps, and collaborative events with dozens of ministry partners, we’ve been able to share the Gospel with children of all ages.  Thousands have accepted Christ as their Savior and their lives have been changed.  In order to continue that effort, we need your help more than ever.  Whether it’s the $5 you normally spend on coffee, a special gift of $1,000-25,000, or a gift of stock, automobile, or whatever, please consider joining CEF Durham in sharing the Good News with over 10,000 children annually in 2019-2020 and beyond.  This year we are asking for 100 donors to give $1,000 each before Jan. 1, 2020.  Currently, to date, 25 new $1,000 contributions (or equivalent donors) have been received.  By 2020 CEF Durham is seeking 75 more of these $1,000 contributions.  Thank you for supporting this mission to unchurched children and families!