Camps for City Kids are held for 4 consecutive days during summer months and school holiday sessions.  These camps emphasize putting God first in every aspect of play and life.  Building solid athletic skills and strong Christian character during drills and team play are expected of every camper.  Basketball, Soccer, and Tennis are regularly offered, but other sports like Wrestling, Baseball, Football, and Black-top Games have been held in the past.

Sports camps, clinics, and tennis academies are typically held in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Fitness and healthy lifestyles are emphasized during all sessions. Presidential Fitness standards will be the age/sex baseline goal for all campers before the end of each camp season. For further camp details and a current schedule: Visit Upcoming Events and/or Call John Blake at 919.630.9434

Camp Collaboration for City Kids

We partner with Durham Nativity School and the Koortbojian Foundation Reading Camp by providing black-top games, Bible clubs, character development, and etiquette classes, as well as weekly sports camps during this 6-week summer camp. READ MORE Additionally, tennis academies, all-sports camps, Futsal play, and 3v3 basketball on city courts are utilized in collaboration with local schools, Boys & Girls clubs, communities, and churches during Spring-Summer-Fall months.

Our teen and net generation Tennis Academies and Futsal play on Futsal Pitches are both utilized on city courts in 4 local Durham parks. Camps and academies are offered during after-school and summer camp hours for city kids across the Durham area. The 6-week summer Reading Camp will offer these type sports camps each week Monday-Thursday afternoons June 15 – July 23, 2020.

Building solid athletic skills and strong christian character