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Enough is Enough : Boot Camp for Serious Soldiers of the Cross

Story of a Child Reached With the Gospel Using the 7 MITs

Additional Resources For Volunteers

IMPACT Magazine—Free magazine telling the story of God’s work through CEF  around the world. Published three times a year. Subscribe free at

Wordless Book Training—This 30-minute online seminar is designed to equip individuals to effectively present the message of salvation using The Wordless Book. The little book with no words has been used as a tool to lead untold numbers to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Lesson Demonstrations— Demonstrations of CEF® Bible lessons and memory verse teaching are available free online. Both new and seasoned teachers will benefit from these demonstrations. Seasoned teachers will be able to gain new ideas to refresh their teaching while new teachers will be able to see how to use the Bible and visuals most effectively as they teach. Everyone will benefit from viewing the effective storytelling and interaction techniques that can be used to engage kids throughout the teaching time.

Romans Road for Children—In this three-week online course, students learn how to use the Romans Road method to share the Gospel in a simplified way for children. Through lectures, online class interaction, demonstrations and practice, students gain confidence in their ability to share the truths of the Gospel.  If you have ever considered taking an online course, but you’re not sure if online learning is for you, this is your opportunity to try it FREE!

Can Children Be Saved—A 25-minute online seminar designed to provide biblical and historical evidence that children can be saved. At the end of the seminar, you will understand that children can be saved. You’ll also be convinced of the importance of sharing the Gospel with children so they can come to know Christ as Savior while they are young!

The Gospel Prepared for a Child’s Heart—A 30-minute online seminar designed to give a brief overview of the truths that need to be understood in order for a person to be saved. At the end of the seminar, you’ll be ready and able to clearly present the message of salvation to the children God has placed around you!

Good News Club® Training—A ministry of Child Evangelism Fellowship® in which trained teachers meet with groups of children each week to teach an exciting Bible lesson. This action-packed time also includes songs, Scripture memory, a missions story and review games or other activities focused on the lesson’s theme. In this training series, you can learn how to organize and teach a successful Good News Club.  Go to   and choose “Seminars.”

Leading an Effective Concert of Prayer—This two-part series teaches you how to facilitate an engaging and effective concert of prayer with those you lead. A complete presentation of an actual prayer summit is also included. Share this with your pastor.  Go to choose “Seminars” then “Additional Seminar Choices.”

How to Study the Bible—How should we approach God’s Word?  Is it possible for people without a theology degree to really grasp the meaning of Scripture and apply it in a practical way in our own lives? This three-session seminar will help you understand the importance and process of moving beyond devotional Bible reading to Bible study.  You will also learn how to study the Word of God to uncover truth for yourself using the RCA (read, comprehend, apply) process. Go to choose “Seminars” then “Additional Seminar Choices.”

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Orange County School-Based Good News Club Permission Form – English

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Encouraging Our Children to Follow The Leader

What is Extra Good News?

60 Day Wonder Devotional- Book #1 – What a God!

60 Day Wonder Devotional – Book #2 – Let’s Talk about God!

60 Day Wonder Devotion – Book #3 – Strong through God’s Spirit

60 Day Wonder Devotional – Book #4 – Spend Time with God!

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