Preventing The Phrase “I’m Bored” in Good News Clubs

Game Ideas For Your Class

Encouraging Our Children to Follow The Leader

Faith-allowing city kids to see God

Examples to Follow

What is Extra Good News?

What is a DIS Club?

Story of a Child Reached With the Gospel Using the 7 MiTs

Additional Resource Links For Volunteers

IMPACT Magazine—Free magazine telling the story of God’s work through CEF  around the world. Published three times a year. Subscribe free at

Wordless Book Training—This 30-minute online seminar is designed to equip individuals to effectively present the message of salvation using The Wordless Book. The little book with no words has been used as a tool to lead untold numbers to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Parental Permission Forms for Students

Orange County School-Based Good News Club Permission Form – English

Orange County School-Based Good News Club Permission Form – Spanish

Photo & Video Release Form

Informational Resource Links

60 Day Wonder Devotional- Book #1 – What a God!

60 Day Wonder Devotional – Book #2 – Let’s Talk about God!

60 Day Wonder Devotion – Book #3 – Strong through God’s Spirit

60 Day Wonder Devotional – Book #4 – Spend Time with God!

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God Can – Prayer Request Instructions

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