Goal of the 7 Most Important Things aka 7MIT

Through weekly teaching and repetition of the 7MIT children will be challenged to memorize and apply these seven statements. Further benefits of using the 7MIT allows children to hear the Message of Salvation as well as the Word of God over and over, week after week, via Scripture-match to all seven statements and a catchy tune with actions in every song verse.

How To Teach The 7MIT and use of the song

John and Sean Blake originally developed 6 most important things for city kids to memorize, then wrote the song to match. It was found to be extremely effective in communicating God’s Word and the Message of Salvation to non-readers and those with short attention spans. Later, the song and list of important thing grew to seven. Most children, youth, and teachers love the song, but may not fully utilize the contents, so here is how we use the 7MIT every week in every club.

There are 4 verses to the 7MIT Song… Teach a new verse each day or week depending and always sing/review previous verses. The 7MIT statements should be grouped and taught to match the song (i.e. teach #2 and #3 together as #4 and #5 together). The #6 statement can be emphasized everyday. and/or at anytime appropriate in your teaching segments.

Use the 7MIT as a review/remix when the Message of Salvation: GOSPEL is presented in a lesson, memory verse, or invitation/challenge. Emphasize the target 7MIT number, in which is being used in your main teaching each day. The 7MIT is the Gospel. It can be used as a stand-alone Gospel presentation or while giving an invitation to receive Christ as Savior. The entire 7MIT usually should not be fully explained in one teaching segment of a Bible lesson or when using the song.  See how we introduce and lead the 7MIT below in a Good News Club. (older version of #6 being used)



English 7MIT Poster (2nd version)

Spanish 7MIT Poster (2nd version)

7MIT Cards (2nd version)

7MIT Description Presentation

Does It Matter: John Blake’s 7MIT Story

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