Goal of the 7MIT

Through weekly teaching of the 7MIT and children’s commitment to memorizing them allow children to hear the Word of God over and over, in a catchy tune. 

How To Teach The 7MIT

There are 4 verses to the 7MIT Song… Teach a new verse each day and always sing/review previous verses.  The 7MIT statements should be grouped and taught to match the song.  The #6 statement can be emphasized everyday.

Use the 7MIT as a review/remix when the message of salvation: GOSPEL is presented in a lesson, memory verse, or invitation/challenge.  Emphasize the main 7MIT number being taught on its respective day when remixing during teaching segments.  The 7MIT is the Gospel.  It can be used as a stand-alone Gospel presentation or while giving an invitation to receive Christ as Savior.  The entire 7MIT usually should not be fully taught/explained in one teaching segment of a Bible club or rally.


English 7MIT Poster (2nd version)


Spanish 7MIT Poster (2nd version)

7MIT Cards (2nd version)

7MIT bookmarks (2nd version)

7MIT Description Presentation

Does It Matter: John Blake’s 7MIT Story

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