XGN_event_5CEF Durham offers a 6-day urban missions experience (SundaySaturday) full of action-packed direct ministry, worship, challenges, training, and city life. You will be involved in many aspects of City Kids ministry. We’ll be busy from mid-morning till late night. This will include a morning wake-up routine, worship, urban ministry education, and ministry planning for real direct outreach in an inner city community and/or day camp. There will be time for team building and problem solving along with neighborhood prayer, visitation, and evangelism in the inner city. Multiple ministry options will be offered daily like clowning, dance, mime, reading, music, sports, arts/crafts, photography, character education, and 5-Day Club® teaching. Everyone will be involved in a community service project and/or a sports camp while engaged in direct community outreach during the afternoons. City Life activities are planned for each night before bedtime.

Cost: $250 per camper   Dates: Weekly camps January-April-June-July  Annually   Location: Downtown Durham  Urban Boot Camp Overview