Lou Brogden

Seven years ago, I attended a Child Evangelism Fellowship Fund-raising banquet.  At that banquet, God began a work in my life that led me, ultimately, to leading children to Him.After that night, I had a former student who died suddenly from an asthma attack.  The only comfort I felt was knowing that in the previous year,  he came into my classroom one Monday morning and said, “Guess what, Ms. Brogden, I gave my heart to Jesus last night.”  So I knew that day that Daryl was with Jesus.From that moment on, I felt an urgency to spread the gospel to boys and girls. I didn’t want any of my students to not know Jesus and His great love for them.  I began a Good News Club at my school, and still today lead that Club.  Four students out of the nine that I took to Camp Good News during  three consecutive summers, prayed to receive Christ . God has led many to himself and I give Him the glory.Through the efforts at my church, I served at Oxford Manor during our first  week  of  Hope for Durham. We continue to lead Kid’s Club weekly.  As an outgrowth of this ministry, there are groups now for the teens led by former Kid’s Club leaders.  We are beginning our tenth year there.Since retirement, I have joined with Sandra Underwood and Dr. David Johnson, in the Butterflz Youth Ministries at Hoover Road  where volunteers tutor kids, twice a week. This group had the privilege of attending a one of the first  tennis camps   sponsored by CEF. God has blessed in wonderful and meaningful ways  in these ministries, and He receives  ALL the Glory and Honor.

Lou Brogden - Volunteer

Millie Hannaman

This is an easy and a difficult piece to write, all at the same time.  The simple answer of why I volunteer, is to question -why NOT.  Which child would you have miss a chance for salvation? Several years ago a friend in my womens bible study told me her granddaughter was attending a Good News Club at her local school - she told me how much the child enjoyed the Club and said the pastor wanted to talk with a parent who was involved at my childs school about possibly starting a Club there.  I had never heard of Good News Clubs (although I grew up churched and very involved in church.)  I put a note on my long to-do list to give the Pastor a call.  I thought the club was a idea. After several months (I am embarrassed to say how many) passed, with an occasional awareness this item was on my list, my cousin passed away.  His family requested memorials be sent to Child Evangelism Fellowship and gave an address.  I had never heard of CEF, so I checked out their website.  I attended the funeral and met the grandson-in-law, who happened to be the director of the Winston-Salem Chapter of CEF.  After speaking with Chris and learning about Good News Clubs, the lightbulb finally lit and I put it all together. Calling Pastor Randy Carter jumped to the top of my list as I connected what the Good News Clubs and CEF were working to teach OUR children.  I say because we are all brothers and sisters, and we cannot let brothers and sisters perish.  We know the most effective time of reaching folks for Jesus is between the ages of 4 and 14.  After seeing and hearing what many of our beloved children are suffering, we must offer them the hope of immediate and eternal salvation (hope that abusive parents can change, hope that suffering is not eternal, hope that they are loved and cherished and a man they never met face to face suffered and died for them so they would not have to endure what He endured, salvation to endure all the pain life can offer.)So, I come back to ? There are many jobs one can do to facilitate a club - jobs like leading, teaching, buying juices and snacks, singing songs - but also jobs that can be done at home (by one of any age) like praying, funding.  How can I commit to rearing my child in a Christian home and not try to bring that light to all the children I can reach? By reaching these beloved children - their families - their communities, we are planting seeds for immediate and eternal salvation: giving them the chance to turn from self-destruction and pain, and stopping cycles of abuse, addiction, crime, feelings of worthlessness.Our job is to ardently and joyfully do what God asks us to do.  If we ask Him and we listen (the hard part for me) - He WILL tell us - even if it takes several tries and several people to guide us.  He WILL give us the gifts, talents, and resources to do what He asks  - after all, HE IS GOD - and there is nothing beyond His capability.

Millie Hannaman-Volunteer