Kids everywhere love basketball-especially city kids. There is little time to talk or explain, just play. You learn as you go and you learn quickly that respect is everything on the court. To really play the game and earn respect, you’ve got to take... read more

Great, you’re back. Are you ready to go “inside”? Good! But there are a few things you should know. First, this is not going to be a sightseeing tour of inner-city ministry. Second, ministering to city kids is real and risky but it places you where ... read more

Follow these examples Are you tired of the talk and complaining? You know – Violence, drugs, loneliness, divorce — you know the list. Have you heard it all, done it all, seen it all, and you still wonder, “Am I even making a difference at al... read more

DaQuan and Brittany were real city kids. Both were seven years old– both were killed. DaQuan drowned one hot summer evening. Brittany was shot accidentally in the crossfire of a drug ‘turf war.’ Both had attended a community-based Bible club in ... read more

We have started preparing for the 2017 Light Up Your World programs. Light Up Your World is an auxiliary ministry of CEF Durham. Last year, students were able to participate in two days of learning about their power to choose and change their world, the... read more

This year’s fall tennis camps began after the US Open in New York. Basic instruction and lots of fun team play dominated this fall tennis Academy, where kids learned basic skills of the sport. This particular fall tennis camp ran for 10 weeks. 10 m... read more

We are so blessed to have reached so many children this year through our Good News Club program. Good News Clubs are weekly ministry events, taking children through the Bible during these meetings through various activities and games. This year, we had 8... read more

Over 300 backpacks were supplied through the Summit Church in Durham and other sources. CEF is very thankful for the generosity which has touched the lives of boys and girls in the Oakley Square Apartments as well as other neighborhoods. Oakley Square wil... read more

CEF conducted teacher training and a student course about communicating personal value and making their world a better place. The course is entitled “Light Up Your World”. These 47 Asian-American students participated in two days of learning... read more