DaQuan and Brittany were real city kids. Both were seven years old– both were killed. DaQuan drowned one hot summer evening. Brittany was shot accidentally in the crossfire of a drug ‘turf war.’ Both had attended a community-based Bible club in different cities and heard the Gospel. No one thought it would be the last time!

Thousands of children hear the Bible taught each week in classrooms and neighborhoods. If you knew it would be the last time a kid would hear the Gospel would it change the way you taught?

Let’s teach as if it will be the last time, every time:
1. Speak honestly about sin and give relevant applications.
2. Emphasize your message throughout your class with a repetitive statement, like “Put God First” or “God can forgive anyone.” Use a different, but relevant statement each lesson.
3. Give examples of salvation in the lives of people kids know and respect.
4. Present salvation with urgency and zeal.
5. Intentionally interact with each child about his need for Christ.

So many city kids seem to be nameless and faceless until tragedy strikes. No one on an outreach team knew Brittany when they arrived in her neighborhood to conduct a 5-Day Club. It was mid-afternoon and very hot. Some said, “There are no kids around–who would come out here in this mess?” The team seriously considered canceling. One said, ‘No, let’s pray.” Soon after, two girls arrived. One was Brittany, who received Christ as her Savior that day.

No one knows if DaQuan received Christ before he drowned, but his Good News Club teachers had taught all their kids like it would be the last time they would hear the Gospel—and they’re glad they did!