5-Day Clubs are planned for this summer (2024) in Durham, Chapel Hill and Burlington! If you would like to host a 5-Day Club, please contact the CEF of Durham ministry coordinator, Sarah Rodriguez at cefdurhamnc@gmail.com. You can also call her at 919-293... read more

Richard and Michael are pre-teen City Kids who live,as many say, in da hood.  They have nowhere to go – and nothing to do.  It’s not because they don’t want to go somewhere or do something.  In fact, every time I talk with them they hint around &... read more

I heard someone say that kids know the cost of everything, but understand the value of nothing.  Even at the ages of eight and seven, Miguel and Louis knew exactly the cost of every prize they received.  Special gifts from adopting families at Christmas... read more

A typical inner city Bible club began one sunny afternoon with a gathering of kids on a blue tarp placed between several apartment buildings.  Children were carrying babies.  Boys were flipping onto old mattresses.  The air was thick with humidity.  A... read more

The most difficult question teachers of city kids face today is, “How can I make the greatest difference in their lives?” If you minister to children influenced by subcultures in urban America, we’re here to answer the tough questions! Meeting Real ... read more

Kids everywhere love basketball-especially city kids. There is little time to talk or explain, just play. You learn as you go and you learn quickly that respect is everything on the court. To really play the game and earn respect, you’ve got to take... read more

Great, you’re back. Are you ready to go “inside”? Good! But there are a few things you should know. First, this is not going to be a sightseeing tour of inner-city ministry. Second, ministering to city kids is real and risky but it places you where ... read more

Follow these examples Are you tired of the talk and complaining? You know – Violence, drugs, loneliness, divorce — you know the list. Have you heard it all, done it all, seen it all, and you still wonder, “Am I even making a difference at al... read more

DaQuan and Brittany were real city kids. Both were seven years old– both were killed. DaQuan drowned one hot summer evening. Brittany was shot accidentally in the crossfire of a drug ‘turf war.’ Both had attended a community-based Bible club in ... read more