We are so blessed to have reached so many children this year through our Good News Club program. Good News Clubs are weekly ministry events, taking children through the Bible during these meetings through various activities and games. This year, we had 86 locations where clubs were held. We were able to reach 9,026 kids, with 353 kids accepting Christ! Over 34 children are now attended. Over 256 volunteers helped us share the Gospel in the area. Over 80% of the children reached came through sports related or special events. Many heard the Gospel for the first time at these special events.


These types of events include sports camps, our blacktop games, seasonal events like our fall festival, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and school and summer related events. We were able to partner with local churches and ministries at their own event for different causes. CEF provides a trailer, sports, and sound equipment, as well as information on how CEF is. 

2200 kids were involved in local club activities. Most clubs are operating at a high retention rate, with at least 50% retention.