It’s the first day of Summer! CEF has been very active in the community and has already had 2 weeks of ministry under their belts! Check out all we’ve been up to below.

  • CEF trained 14 interns for 3 weeks of direct ministry with city kids in June
  • John Blake trained 20 ppl from the City Project and Durham Housing Authority in the teaching principles of Light Up Your World
  • Prayer walks were conducted in each of the communities where summer ministry will be held in the Durham area
  • Session #1 of the CEF Tennis Academy was conducted with 50 city kids at the East End Park in Durham — all made some decision for following Christ
  • Bible clubs, summer enrichment camps, session #2 of the tennis academy, and Urban Hope tennis camps will be held June 20-30
  • Summer enrichment camps will be offered in 2 communities where the children were not offered a camp by the city of their community.  CEF will provide biblical studies, a reading program, entertainment, plant project, recreation and game play