City Kids are attending Summer Camps

Reading. Academics. Bible. Character. Etiquette. Sports.

Jenny Koortbojian Reading, Power & Light< and Sports camps are being held June 14 through July 22 this summer. It’s a six-week experience that will keep students safe while fostering a love of reading, developing strong personal character, affirming all campers, making friends, playing sports, and having fun! Read More / Camps for City Kids page

CEF Durham 2021 Ministry Report

How children were reached during the 2020-2021 restrictive COVID-19 pandemic

CEF Durham conducted Summer Camps with reading, 5-Day Clubs, etiquette, life skills, and character development (no sports per COVID) all via Zoom with close to 80% attendance daily for six weeks

CEF Teams did Weekly Visits in communities, where we minister regularly, with breakfast, care packages, Wonder Why? booklets distributed, singing, and prayer with city kids and their families (COVID guidelines)

Bike distributions, with a helmet, vest, and a bike light for all city kids attending Good News Club in one downtown community provided a need and further contact with families

COVID-Relief and Community Events were held where supplies, food, and devotional books were distributed to city kids and their families in a community where we have weekly outreach and clubs.

2020 Ministry Briefing and COVID-Relief Update on Zoom and our About page

Our God-Given Mission

Child Evangelism Fellowship® (CEF®) of North Carolina in the Durham area has a simple, but profound threefold purpose: evangelism, discipleship, and connecting local churches to children and families across our area. For 27 years, Child Evangelism Fellowship has reached and served city kids in the surrounding Durham area. Through our community and school-based Good News Clubs, sports camps, character education, and collaborative events with dozens of ministry partners, we’ve been able to fulfill our mission with children of all ages. Our presence, specifically in Durham, is to families under-served, marginalized, and/or with the greatest challenges to access social, financial, educational, and spiritual resources. Thousands have accepted Christ as their Savior and many lives, families, and communities have been changed. Biblical discipleship is happening weekly in schools and neighborhoods.

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We are always hosting events and collaborating with others in order to bring the community together. Please come out, minister, worship, join in the play, and definitely enjoy the fun.

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