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CEF Durham Area Director Report 2023 Summer

We’re a part of each community we serve. Each of the neighborhoods we’re invested in is made up of a diverse and dynamic group of people. So we facilitate a host of events that support and celebrate our friends, neighbors, and church partners. Community Ministries on this summer in schools, camps, and communities:

  • CYiA summer missions training/prep for 6 youth and 6 staff
  • Summer ministries June 19th – July 28th
  • Reading/Power & Light/Ethics camp prep/schedule June 20th – July 12th
  • GNC training/prep July 19th and Aug. 4th
  • Back to School Outreach/Party w/DRM Aug. 11th  10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Contribute: To our 2023 Annual Fund or our Sport Camps:

CEF’s purpose has remained unchanged for 85 years. For over 30 years the Durham Area Chapter has created new programs and changed some ministry methods, but our purpose to reach, teach, and disciple children for Christ will never change. We operate as a faith-based, donation-supported organization, with the staff, board members, and financial sub-committee sharing the fund-raising responsibilities. Thank You for contributing to boys and girls we minister!

Financial and prayer support come from churches and individuals who share the vision of reaching kids with the Gospel and teaching them in Christian living. Our Annual Fund covers all organizational costs and direct ministry expenses. Camps for City Kids funding cover summer staff, classes, and equipment.

Fun play, basic skills, and court fitness are offered by CEF and summer staff members conducting classes to build character, understand their value/power, and change things in their world. Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Kickball, Pickleball and Soccer to be held in conjunction with Bible, Power & Light, Reading, Etiquette weekly this summer from June 20-July 13, 2023.

For the year, CEF Durham Area hopes you will continue to stand with us to give, volunteer, and pray. There will be a need in 2023 for new staff funding for us to go forward. Funds, Stocks, Property & Sponsorship as donations to CEF Durham funding local ministries. Contributions to Child Evangelism Fellowship of NC Durham Area are tax-deductible by the IRS as a 501c3 org.

Our God-Given Mission

Child Evangelism Fellowship® (CEF®) of North Carolina in the Durham area has a simple, but profound threefold purpose: evangelism, discipleship, and connecting local churches to children and families across our area. For 30 years, Child Evangelism Fellowship has reached and served city kids in the surrounding Durham area. Through our community and school-based Good News Clubs, sports camps, character education, and collaborative events with dozens of ministry partners, we’ve been able to fulfill our mission with children of all ages. Our presence, specifically in Durham, is to families under-served, marginalized, and/or with the greatest challenges to access social, financial, educational, and spiritual resources. Thousands have accepted Christ as their Savior and many lives, families, and communities have been changed. Biblical discipleship is happening weekly in schools and neighborhoods.

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Events, Workshops & More

We are always hosting events and collaborating with others in order to bring the community together. Please come out, minister, worship, join in the play, and definitely enjoy the fun.

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